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KEWAP - The Knife and Edged Weapons Awareness Program

KEWAP was created in 2009 by Steven Timperley after he left the British Army. The founder of the Kajuen Ryu, Peter Jones, is a KEWAP senior instructor and so we are pleased to be able to offer this course.

The program is based around presentations on issues around knife crime, accepting that the threat is about more than just knives. It has been designed to be educational and thought provoking. The purposes include education of young people against the carrying of weapons and enabling people in the workplace to be better able to perceive threats and act accordingly. It therefore has variations in presentation for different age groups. 

In delivering the KEWAP we cover law, awareness and avoidance, the variety of edged weapons and dealing with injuries arising from edged weapons. Our founder's professional position and publications make this a seamless connection. Although primarily focussed on "soft skills" (non-physical,) practical knife defence options are available.

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