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The way of harmonious spirit

Jujitsu is a “Bujitsu” art. Aikido is a “Budo” art.


With the end of the Japanese feudal era and the invention of firearms, the martial arts in their existing form were less and less effective so many modernised in order to preserve their place in Japanese society. They became methods not only of self defence but of personal development. So Jujitsu gave rise to Judo, Kenjitsu gave rise to Kendo and so on. In a Budo art, the goal is to pursue self improvement in all aspects of your self. So you become physically fitter, healthier in mind and also more spiritually aware of yourself. This is the mind-body-spirit system of which we talk about sometimes that underpins the way we work. We follow a “path.” That is what “-do” means – a path. Remember that it is the journey that is most important, not the destination.

Our Aiki-Do (or "Aikido") is based on the techniques of O-Sensei so that there is emphasis on immobilising and projecting. We recognise the oft-missed aspects of advantageous angles and striking that are found in true Aikido. We practice Aikido weapons.

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