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Domains of Martial Arts

It is the opinion of our founder that the biggest flaw of many martial arts is dishonesty. Not deliberate dishonesty with the members, but unintentional dishonesty with themselves.

There are three ways to look at a given martial art:

  • A method of self protection

  • A sport

  • An art form

The dishonesty occurs when a martial art lays claim to being a method of self-protection... but then fails to consider the reality of violence including all ranges or the most likely threats. There are other examples.

The problem is that the skills applied in the wrong domain will usually result in failure. The accomplished ground grappler defending themselves "on the street" may fail to consider multiple attackers or the risk of weapons. 

There is crossover of skills but it is important for the martial arts instructor and practitioner to understand what skill set it is that is being practiced.

The Venn diagram presented here shows the crossover in skills but highlights the significant of seeing each domain as a separate entity to be studied.

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