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The “Orchard School”.

But why “orchard?”

Our founder was brought up in the Worcestershire market town of Tenbury Wells, nicknamed “the town in the orchard” for its numerous trees by Queen Victoria.

After the first session of our forerunner club, Pete proudly rang his Sensei to tell him of his success. There had been just three students but Sensei replied “Pete, from little acorns, mighty oak trees grow.”

In an orchard, each tree must grow as an individual yet an orchard is more than just the sum of lots of trees! An orchard has a character of its own that combines that of the member trees but also transcends that combination. The dojo is the orchard, the individual student each tree.


Seeds must be sewn. Each student starts as a “seed;” a little acorn and must grow over time in the right environment to be a mighty oak tree.


The instructors nurture the young trees and bring them to fruition, yet ultimately may stand in awe of what they become. These blossoming trees may then provide seeds for further blossom that will become a part of that mighty yet humble orchard.


From the little acorn of the first class, we’re already growing not only a mighty oak tree, but our own orchard.

The Japanese kanji for "Kajuen"

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