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Safety Equipment for Sport Sparring

This page describes the extra equipment that you need in order to engage in our sport disciplines such as Combat Kickboxing and Combat Jujitsu.

The basics

  • Gum shield for all. Various options available. For cheap and quick use boil-and-bite. We recommend dentist-made form-fitting

  • Groin guard. Essential for men, optional for ladies

Combat Kickboxing

  • Gloves of different types for different levels of contact and different forms of Kickboxing (points fighting / continuous)

  • Leg guards. Depending on the rules that you fight under (if you fight) these may be combined shin-and-instep or separate foot and shin guards


Combat Jujitsu

  • A rash guard. You may also want rashguard leggings ("spatz")

  • MMA gloves that cover the knuckles but allow for grabbing

  • Depending on the rules you may also need leg guards

These are not essential on commencing training but it is generally expected that students progress and get more serious that they will gradually purchase the necessary kit

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